Little Swiss Teardrop Fact Sheet

  • Originally named Little Switzerland

  • Home built in our garage in Frisco Texas

  • Started April 2008

  • Finished September 2009

  • The profile style is called a Grumman 2 (see sides build page for profile sketch)

  • The teardrop was built on a custom built 5’ x 10’ utility trailer

  • The teardrop is 5’ wide and 11’ long at it’s longest point (due to curves)

  • The teardrop has a total weight of 2400# (too heavy but it was my first try)

  • Sleeping area is 5’ x 6’6” and sleeps 2

  • The bed is a queen sized 8” foam bed (3” cut off side to account for walls)

  • The sleeping area is fully insulated and air conditioned

  • The interior and galley cabinets are hand made out of red oak

  • The interior walls are covered with a marine grade hull liner

  • The exterior sides are Baltic Birch, painted with Valspar Standard Red acrylic enamel

  • The roof is white sheet aluminum

  • The interior and galley is wired for 12V as well as 110V

  • The galley contains a microwave, a toaster oven, a coffee maker and a propane stove

  • There is no bathroom

  • Little Switzerland won Teardropper’s Favorite at LCG IV in 2009

  • Little Switzerland’s name was changed to Little Swiss Teardrop in 2010

  • The Little Swiss Teardrop has attended gatherings all over the South Central region of the U.S.

  • I do NOT build these for sale, one was enough!

LCG4 95.jpg
LCG4 95a.jpg